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Trips and visits to do in South of France.

During your holidays in South of France, come visit to area and famous towns located from 10 to 80 Km from Frejus St-raphael.

Golf Saint-Tropez (40 Km Fréjus)

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Famous tourist village, St Tropez contributed to re-elected Coast Azur and became a myth to be visited. With St Tropez all is famous there: - Beaches: Cinnamon-trees, Saline, Bouillabaisse, Pampelonne of tens on the presqu' island. - The place of the Strings, take place of the parts of games of bowls mixing local personalities and high-speed motorboats, and drinking a Pastis during happy hour. Since St Tropez became one of the preferred places of stay and relaxation of Parisian and of Jetset. The night life there is very animated, several private festivals take place each evening in the luxurious villas of the gulf where some of the guests arrive by helicopter so d' to avoid the congestions. L' summer, with the coffee terraces, one can see and be considering. On the port, the yachts trônent proudly, their crew and the superb creatures which s' there show in front of the curious and fascinated tourists who are on the quays. If you have the choice of your holidays, prefer June, May and September to visit St Tropez. During these months, old St Tropez will appear with its small lanes with the hot colors of the south of France
Nice - Côte d'Azur (80 Km from Fréjus)

nice -menton -monaco

Nice has the charm of the Mediterranean cities, with its softness of living and the beauty of the city and its beautiful exceptional climate. Even in winter, the terraces are pleasant to take glass or to stroll, N can admire very famous Promenade of the English there, skirting Bay of the Angels, the beaches niçoises and the luxurious hotels of which celebrates it: Negresco. Nice will allure you with his Baroque architecture and of castles on the hills or by the exaggerations of architecture Beautiful Time. Splendid achievements are also to discover with the liking of the walks in the flowered gardens and parks. You will décourvirez the niçois while strolling in the Nice old man, his frontages with the colors ochres and yellows, and its lanes picturesque, . Nice is a town of culture and arts, second town of France by Sn many Muses. The city is always animated during summer Nice Jazz festival in the arenas and the gardens of Cimiez. Each day, on the Soleya Course, is held the large market with the fruit and vegetables and flowers the morning. N' do not hesitate to spend one day to visit Nice at the time of your stays over the Cote Azur
Cannes (60 Km from Fréjus)

cannes et les plages de la croisette

In a one century, Cannes became an elegant city of international repute where all is implemented for the & eacute; trangers. In Cannes, one cultivates art of Well-Receiving. During your visit, you will retain several strong points: - The upper town - The old port - The street Meynadier - The Palate of the Festivals - The Small cross.
Marseille (80 Km from Fréjus)

marseille - le port

Marseilles is the 2nd town of France, and was the door of France on the Mediterranean at times of the colonies. Marseilles remains aujourd' today a generous capital of the South European his picturesque old port, with its accent, its popular folklore. C' is a city contrasted with its old workings (the Basket), its luminous cornice vis-a-vis the sea, its creeks with water major blue jusqu' in Cassis (on 20 km of coasts), Marseilles is the economic pole on Provence. The port, l' airport, and the technopolises ensure this ascending to him reinforced by a strong artistic, cultural and scientific vitality. To discover its beauty, séloigner is needed a little centre town, or each is a small village of Provence with its church, its bowling pitch and its plane trees, You will go to Notre Dame of the Guard, sponsors sailors, one can go to l' Estaque on the traces of Cézanne. Marseilles can be also discovered by the broad one.
Gorges Verdon

visiter les gorges du verdon

In the south of Halpes de Hautes Provence, the Verdon located the limit with the Var department but also between the high one and low Provence. The landscapes are diversified there and oul' one can practise the sports activities: top of the Pre-Alps, plate of Valensole, lakes, throats and torrents. Fresh air, protected clean water, faunas and flora, nature is intact in the countries of the Verdon. Cultures of these fields of lavender around Valensole, artisanal earthenware with Moustiers co. Marie, hydrotherapy with Gréoux Baths, vestiges paleolithic and Celtic, history and human activity are in harmony with the gorges of the Verdon

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